How To Start A Barbing Business In Nigeria

With the current state of unemployment and the rate of unemployment in the country, using skills to start a business is one of the most lucrative business ideas anyone could have in Nigeria; barbing is one of such skills.

Personal hygiene, especially for men, is important, and barbing hair is handwork that can be learned quite easily and perfected over time.

A country’s recession does not affect the growth of hair, both facial hair, and hair on the head, so there is never any need to worry about a steady stream of customers in the Nigerian barbing business; the main focus would be how good you are in the craft itself.

In this article, I will be showing the processes of starting a barbing business in Nigeria, the equipment needed in the barbing business, and how to make a profit from a barbing business in Nigeria. 


Man cutting hair of old man
Man cutting the hair of an old man


How Much Capital You Need To Start A Nigerian barbing Business

A barbing business in Nigeria doesn’t cost too much to start with, depending on how much funding you have available; with as little as N15-20,000 to rent a clipper and get combs, and proper planning, you can start your barbing business off.

Majorly, the capital needed in a barbing business goes into rent, buying clippers, combs, and other barbing equipment and fitting out your barbing workspace with work chairs, waiting for chairs, mirrors, and a sound system for the waiting customers.

A small-scale barbing business would require anything from as little as N50,000 to as much as N200,000, depending on the workspace rented and the furnishings for the barbing salon.

A large barbing salon, which is normally fitted with luxurious furnishings and more upscale equipment costs from N300,000-N1,000,000 to start.

The capital goes into rent, buying clippers, combs, and other barbing equipment and fitting out your barbing workspace with work chairs, waiting for chairs, mirrors, and a sound system for the waiting customers.

However, you may decide to start your barbing business without having a fixed workspace(e.g home services, where you get to do work for clients in their own environment/homes), in which case you wouldn’t need to worry about the cost of renting/getting a shop, and only focus on getting equipment/tools to handle your barbing business.

How To Start A barbing Business In Nigeria

Starting a barbing business in Nigeria is quite simple, but a few steps need to be followed, to successfully start your barbing business, some of which include:

  • Acquiring proper barbing skills/training
  • Getting a good location to set up shop
  • Registering your barbing business with the Nigerian CAC
  • Furnishing/equipping your barbing salon 
  • Promoting/marketing your barbing business brand

Acquire Proper barbing Skills/Training

black barber cutting hair of a little boy with a clipper

Barbing is a vocational skill that can be acquired by either apprenticing yourself to a more experienced/already established barber or enrolling in vocational barbing classes.

The key to running a successful barbing business is knowing the skill of barbing or having someone that has the skill; think of it as cooking food that looks beautiful and presentable but tastes bad, even with a nice decor, not knowing how to properly barb/take care of hair could spoil your business and lead to a reduction of customers.

So unless you plan to only be an investor or silent partner in your nNigerianbarbing business, be sure to get proper training on the barbing skill. 

Execute Preliminary Tasks To Understand The barbing Business Better

After getting trained on barbing skills, you will need to carry out several tasks before you can start your barbing business properly, such as practicing your skills, creating a barbing business plan, and doing general background research on the barbing industry in Nigeria.

Practice Newly Acquired barbing Skills

Before you start barbing adults and jumping into your barbing business fully, you should test run the skills you have acquired, to correct any mistakes you may make, and better practice your skills.

You can offer your barbing skills to your younger siblings, children of friends, and family/ people you know for free; any mistakes can be corrected easily without severe criticism because your clients are children.

This way, your barbing skills can be perfected.

Carry Out Background Research On The Nigerian barbing Market

To know the kind of market you are going into, carry out extensive research into the Nigerian barbing market, specifically in the area around you.

Find out about your competition, how they market and promote their barbing brands, and what you can do to make your brand better.

Be sure to keep up to date with the pop culture, entertainment, and media in the country; this will help you stay updated and be conversant with popular trends.

Write Out A barbing Business Plan 

Without being compulsory, writing a business plan for your barbing business could prove to be quite helpful.

A barbing business plan helps you to properly strategize on how to run your barbing business; how to promote your barbing brand, set goals and milestones for your barbing business, and the strengths, weaknesses, and possible threats you can potentially face in the barbing industry and how to find solutions to these issues.

Also, a good barbing business plan exposes you to financial support from potential investors/partners and loan opportunities.

Start With Home Services

It is best to start your barbing business by finding clients that require home services.

Home service involves you going to the client’s house to offer your barbing services in their own space, after which you get paid.

This way, you can begin to develop your clientele, especially when after delivering good barbing services, those clients refer you to other people they know and so on.

If/when you eventually decide to set up shop and get a permanent space, you already have potential clients, you simply need to let them know about your salon and invite them over to offer barbing services to them; depending on how good your skills are, the response will always be favorable because no one likes changing barbers so much.

Get A Good Location For A Barbing Salon

old man looking at a mirror with a happy smile in a baber shop with the barber standing
old man looking at a mirror with a happy smile in a baber shop with the barber standing

Placing your barbing salon at strategic points is key to starting and running a successful barbing business in Nigeria.

Your salon should be located at a place where it will attract attention, like a shopping mall, busy plaza, or an intersection/busy road in a residential area, as some customers with white collar jobs prefer to visit their barbers after work hours.

Find an area that is not saturated with much competition, check the cost of renting a space in that area, and make sure your barbing salon is easy to access.

Make sure that the area where you are locating your barbing salon is safe enough and has little or no security risks, especially if you \plan to keep late hours.

Furnish Your barbing Salon

A properly furnished barbing salon isn’t completely necessary in the early stages of your barbing business but is a strong beacon to customers, and a sign of what to expect from your barbing services.

While furnishing your barbing business, consider your environment/target customer audience; do not expect to luxuriously furnish your salon if it is situated in a rural area because it would require your fixing high prices to meet up with the costs of maintaining the luxury, which your customers would be unable to afford.

You generally need at least two clippers, a pair of scissors, combs, a covering cloth, and a duster as basics to start your barbing business, with a source of electric power if you have a stationary workspace/salon.

Equipment To Get For A Nigerian barbing Salon Startup

Some equipment and furniture needed in a barbing business in Nigeria include:

  • Barbing clippers
  • barbing trimmers
  • Edgers
  • Combs
  • Straight razors for shaving
  • Disinfectant and sterilizing equipment/supplies(e.g a sterilizing machine, Dettol, stove for boiling water, etc)
  • Professional hairdryer
  • barbing chair
  • Mirrors
  • Fans for ventilation
  • Waiting chairs
  • Audio system(for relaxation, especially for waiting customers)

Remember to furnish your barbing salon as you can, paying attention to the basics first and doing more equipping as your business grows.

Register Your barbing Business

To make sure your barbing business will be recognized as a legitimate business in Nigeria and increase its chances of being recognized for opportunities tailored toward Nigerian business, you must register your barbing business with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Get a business name that will be easy to pronounce/remember but is unique to you, and a business logo if possible, gather together the necessary documents requested by the Commission office, and submit.

Required Documents To Register Your barbing Business

When registering your barbing business in Nigeria, you must submit several documents and fill out a form with your barbing business identity.

Some of these documents include:

  • Your business name
  • Business logo
  • Business address
  • Owner’s name
  • Utility bill
  • Several passports

Once this has been submitted, you just wait for your application to be approved, which doesn’t take too long (from 2-4 weeks maximum), after which you get your license.

Promote Your barbing Business

This is where you will need to take great care in properly planning; the wrong marketing move could reduce your chances of getting much clientele in your barbing business, especially if you have competition in the area.

You can decide to, in the first week of opening/launching your barbing business, offer barbing services free of charge, or at a discount to several people.

For example, you can advertise that free haircuts will be given to the first 10-15 people to come into the shop on the first day of the salon launch and at a discounted price to everyone that comes in for haircuts within that first week.

Print out clear and attractive fliers, posters, and flexes displaying your barbing salon brand; its products/services, the address, and possible bonuses the customers could get if they patronize you, and put these up in strategic places like marketplaces, shopping malls, and stores, with permission from owners and the right authorities; also make sure your permanent signpost is clear and is placed close to the salon, directing customers in.

Word of mouth is also an excellent way to promote your barbing business; you could enlist the help of family and friends to spread the word of your new barbing business with positive reviews, which would be easy to make based on the practice you have already had.

Home service customers are also an excellent way to market your barbing brand business through word of mouth, especially if your services are top-notch or good enough.

To be unique and stand out even more with your barbing business in Nigeria, you can create a website/catalog on social media for customers to visit and get consultations on hair care, make requests/place orders on services, and book appointments; this helps you better organize your barbing business procedures.

Making Profit From barbing Business In Nigeria

Getting customers for your barbing business in Nigeria is easy, seeing as hair does not stop growing.

However, you can be losing as much as you are making if you do not take care of some issues, especially financial issues, and personnel issues.

Get financially updated to be able to record all your finances, make little audits and manage all the funds that come in, whether for investment or as profit paid from customers; make records into cashbooks at the end of every day or week in your salon.

Open a different account from your bank account and use it as your barbing business account, to contain whatever funds concern the business; profit, investment money/loans.

Continue With Home Service barbing

It is advisable to not completely stop your home service offers at this point in your barbing business; it is even better to employ this strategy occasionally.

Home services add to the revenue brought into your barbing business; you can add an extra fee for offering home services, which people will be willing to pay as a lot of people like to enjoy convenience in most services and do not mind the cost.

Monitor Costs/Employees

Consider the standard of living of the place your barbing salon is situated in, and fix your pricing accordingly; you cannot own a salon in a rural area in Enugu, and price your barbing services at N1500 as the least fee.

Take great care in carrying a background check on the barbers you want to hire, and monitor their daily execution of business by providing a log book to log in every customer, money paid and money spent.

Fraudulent practices will be avoided when trust is established, and your barbing business will flourish.

Expand Your barbing Business

Subsequently, with good skills and proper management, you can expand your barbing business to other locations and areas in the country, and you can comfortably hire better and more competent hands to handle these branches, to the point that you may only need to make occasional supervisory visits to the branches.

In Conclusion

The barbing business in Nigeria is a lucrative business that requires skill, good equipment, the strategic location of the shop, and proper marketing and finance management to enable it to start up and run smoothly and rake in profit.

If this article on barbing business startups has been helpful to you, do not hesitate to share it with anyone you think may need it.

Thank you.

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